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A list of TV shows I'm currently watching

It's been a while since I updated my LJ.
I use it mostly for commenting, and a large part of comments relates to TV shows. So, here's a list of TV shows I'm currently watching =) No spoilers under the cut.

- Desperate Housewives (7.5/10)

I adore the tone of this show, its sly (occasionally rather dark) humour. A wonderful atmosphere, somewhat like one in Pushing Daisies. The charm is not what's happening, it's how it's happening.

- Dexter (9/10)

I remember watching first two or three episodes of the first season and thinking about dropping it. I'm so glad I didn't! A couple episodes more, and I find myself unable to look away from screen, holding my breath. First two seasons were that good. Third was a bit weaker. Just when I thought the current season lacked tension, the show made a bold move. Can't wait for the next episode!

- Fringe (8.5/10)

It's X-Files, only better. Strong cast, right proportion of research and action. There are mysteries, of course, but I feel the writers know where they're going with them. I'd like Fringe to get a lot of seasons.

- Glee (7.5/10)

I don't like musicals at all, I'm not particularly fond of school stories, but this show is really good. Seeing some actors from Heroes is a nice bonus.

- Heroes (8/10)

Someone on the net called Heroes an "abusive bad boyfriend". This definition is spot-on, the show often hurts me, but I won't break up with it. Still not sure if I like the current season. No retcons yet, but not enough promised character development either.

- Supernatural (9.5/10)

In its 5th season, this show still brings twists, bromance, humour and horror. I'd give it a "lasting quality" medal.

- The Big Bang Theory (9.5/10)

Love this show. Never fails to lighten up my mood.

- The Vampire Diaries (6.5/10)

I started watching this purely for eye candy. However, plot progression pleasantly surprised me, the story is tighter and the show's pace is faster than I expected. Not an "OMG, what's next?!" show (like, say, first two seasons of Prison Break), but entertaining TV nonetheless.

- Dollhouse (5/10)

I'm relieved this show is getting canned soon. I loved Firefly, I thoroughly enjoyed Buffy and Angel, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is all kinds of awesome. I was hoping against hope Dollhouse gets better. But this show's second season is still no damn good. Same lack of overall plot, same weak onscreen chemistry. Barely watchable, definitely not re-watchable. This is sad; Dollhouse had such a good premise, but squandered the potential.