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The Gates says "Hi!" to Heroes?

Option A:
I'm seeing things due to inhaling too much smoke from burning peat swamps.

Option B:
A scene from
The Gates
S1E6 says "Hi!" to a scene from
S1E16. The lighting matches perfectly, and the dialogue requires only minor corrections.

- What the hell did you do
, Sylar

- And, oh, I'm -
what are you talking about?

- Barbara Jansen is dead. Murdered. By a
brain-stealing monster

- You think I had something to do with it?

- That time that she saw us here together, I was afraid she'd say something. And you said, "I will take care of it."

- No. And then you said to leave her alone, so... I left her
to die
Come here. I would never do anything to jeopardize what we have together.

- What we have together is an arrangement. We can't do this anymore. Don't call me again.

Claire... I've tried to forget about you. I-I moved
in with the Petrellis.
to Berlin. Went to
Paris for a year. But I always ended up coming back here.
Claire, you and I both know it always should have been us.